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  • Welcome to the PeWeL website !!!

    I have the pleasure to manage the “PeWeL” company and I would like to recommend it to you.
    P.P.H.U. "PeWeL" Sp. z o. o. (Commercial, manufacturing and service company, PeWeL Ltd.) was established in 1987. The company focused its activity in the field of housing development, purchase of land as well as territorial development for the housing market.
    After a few years and having gained lots of experience, the company extended its scope of operation and currently it deals with organising and carrying out construction investments, management and broking in the real property trade, comprehensive and professional valuation of all kinds of real property as well as with property consultancy in a broad sense. The company is planning to start offering extra-scholar education in the area of real property in the nearest future.
    Company’s principal objective is to offer high quality flats in Radom and in surrounding municipalities.
    We always act with due diligence – we never prefer our benefits to the customer’s good. We gained trust of numerous customers by operating in compliance with principles of ethics. We carry out our activity bearing always in mind the deadlines set, high quality of offered services, competitiveness, attention to quick solving of all problems and flexibility of individual solutions.
    The company has qualified and experienced personnel, we were granted the "Reliable Partner" certificate and we are in the course of implementing the ISO system.
    ""PeWeL" is not indifferent to what is going on in the community where it operates, we help children (school lunch campaign) and co-finance a number of awards (Award for Radom architects for their achievements in the field of architecture).
    The company supports organisations connected with technology development (Sponsorship of the Radom Branch of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations).
    You are welcome to make yourself acquainted with our current offer.

    Krzysztof Lewandowski,
    the President

    We have been operating professionally for almost 20 years

    Home | About the company | Offer | Our achievements | References | ISO 9001 | Confirmation of reliability | Contact

    P.P.H.U. "PeWeL" sp. z o.o., ul. Stefana Batorego 24, 26-600 Radom, phone: (0-48) 36-00-141 (142) fax: (0-48) 36-00-141
    e-mail: biuro@pewel.pl
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