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Our achievements

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    sale of new flats

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    property consultancy

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    property trade

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  • Constructed buildings
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    Constructed buildings
    The principal sector of our company's operation is the housing industry. We built a district of 30 detached houses on a fenced area of 5 hectares.
    In 1996, we finished the construction of a 6-storey block of flats at 11 Listopada 69/77 street with 80 flats and 3 business establishments of the total area of 5,498.70 sq. m.
    In 1998, we finished another block of flats at 11 Listopada street in Radom with 40 flats and 3 business establishments. In the centre of Radom, at Kelles-Krauza street, we constructed a building with 12 high standard flats and 7 business establishments.
    In 2003, we finished the construction of a 4-storey building with 19 flats and 7 business establishments of the total area of 1675.74 sq. m. in the centre of Grójec at Bankowa street.
    The company also constructed 260 garages in the centre of Radom.


    Important real property valuations
    "PeWeL" has been operating on the real property valuation market since 1995. The company has qualified employees with real property expert's rights, it also hires construction experts and specialists from various branches of industry. The company has performed a great number of valuations, we will just mention some examples.
    Our customers include:
    - Town Halls - expropriations and damages;
    - Banks - valuations of property being a liability security,
    - Polish Telecom (valuations of damage caused during construction of line infrastructure),
    - Official receivers - valuation of property for sale
    - PSE Wschód Sp. z o.o.
    - Individual customers - valuation of buildings at Prymasa Stefan Wyszyńskiego street in Radom with the view of its division into separate premises.

    Real property management
    For several years, "PeWeL" has been dealing with management and administration of buildings. Currently it manages a few blocks of flats in Radom of the total area of nearly 10,000 sq. m. and one building in Grójec.
    The quality of services provided in the field of real property management and administration is confirmed by numerous reference letters from owners of flats and business establishments located in buildings we manage.

    Legal representation
    As a legal representative, we constructed a steel structure production hall of the area of 2400 sq. m. and an office building of 600 sq. m. for a German company DURRPOL Sp. z o.o.


    As a result of a tender organised by the Agency for Enterprise Development, our company acted as a legal representative during construction of a warehouse of 3,300 sq. m. for the Special Economic Zone in Tarnobrzeg, Radom subzone.

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